Summer holiday checklist - boarding cards at the ready!

Wherever you might be jetting off to this summer to enjoy a beach break, don't forget your essentials to make it a relaxing, stress-free break. A quick office poll had us come up with our Top 10  whether for lazy beach days or trying out some watersports to keep cool!

  1. Rash vest
  2. Swimwear 
  3. Sunscreen - opt for a 50+ SPF sport sun cream protection if you plan to be super active on your break 
  4. Lightweight microfibre Dock & Bay beach towel - space saving in your suitcase and looks great around the pool or at the beach
  5. Sunglasses 
  6. Good book or 2
  7. Flip flops / Aqua shoes
  8. Board shorts
  9. Beach bag
  10. Sunhat