Dock & Bay Hair Wrap Quick Dry and Absorbent- Goa Grey


Good hair doesn't follow the rules. Wet Hair, Don't Care!

Dock & Bay's hair wrap is perfect for wet hair after showers, during bubble baths and at the beach, the hair wraps dry your hair quicker and without the weight! Made with their signature material, eliminating frizz while drying your hair faster in style. 

Quick dry material - feels different, dries great
Wet hair. Don't care. You’ll love that your hair dries 3 times quicker with the super absorbent material
Light & compact - make neck pain from bulky towels a thing of the past. The hair wraps will stay in place as clothes slip easily over your head
Buh-bye frizz! Dock & Bays signature material means less friction for smoother hair
Easy to use - simply COVER your wet hair and TWIST the wrap then SECURE into place with the elastic. 
One size fits all: 63x29cm (25x11”)

Dock and Bay Hair Wrap - Goa Grey

  • Made from microfibre - feels different, dries great
  • Quick dry - 3 times faster than a normal cotton towel
  • Compact & lightweight - save room in that suitcase
  • Perfect for: post-shower, bubble baths, poolside, beach days out, face masks and getting ready
  • Sand won’t stick 
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