Best Inflatable Paddle Board

The best paddle boards for beginners do not need to cost the earth yet you still need to spend enough to ensure you are safe on the water.  We have listed features we feel you need to consider.

  • Double Skinned Walls - some cheap paddle boards only have a single wall which is not safe in the sea especially.  Scraping your SUP board against rough rocks, barnacles and limpets can easily cause punctures.  You do not want a deflated paddle board out at sea!
  • Choose an Allround SUP boards as they offer a carefully selected dimensions that provide a responsive yet stable base to help you develop your skills while making them the perfect choice for general everyday use.
  • Check the Non-slip surface EVA deck pad is heat-moulded onto the surfaceas this is important in reducing the chances of you slipping and it also acts as a protective layer, reducing the likelihood of physical damage occurring to the board’s surface.

  • The shape of your stand up paddle board is an important choice depending on what you are planning to do: 
    • A gently-pointed nose cuts through choppy water & waves. Touring paddleboards offer enhanced straight line performance making them the perfect companion for longer distances and large wide-open spaces. 
    • A sharply-pointed noise is best for racing quickly in straight directions.
    • A more rounded nose is best for small waves & leisurely paddling for beginners 
  • The width of your SUP board determines the stability & makes balancing easier. If seeking a board for all-round use, it should be at least 15” (38cm) wide. The wider the board in proportion to its length, the slower & more stable it will feel.

Best Paddle Board under 500

Saltrock Shockwave Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board - 10'8
Saltrock Shockwave Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board - 10'8
£450.00 Sale Price £399.00

Take to the water with Saltrock's ultra lightweight 10'8 inflatable SUP.  Double skinned to protect against barnacles and grazing against submerged rocks.

All accessories included