Top 10 Tips Learn to Paddleboard

I learnt so much more in the two hour course I thought possible and have just booked onto the “Discover” course to build on that.  So if like me, you are teaching yourself you might find the Top 10 Tips To SUP helpful

  1. PUSH & PULL THE PADDLE - When paddling pull firmly with the bottom hand and push with the top
  2. BEND INTO THE STROKE - Bend your knee when placing the paddle in and dig in the water to pull back
  3. ANGLE THE PADDLE - Slightly turn the paddle face towards the nose of the paddle board and pull straight back. Almost like an upside down “L” shape.  Pushing the water slightly under the nose before pulling back stops the “zig zagging” and having to change sides all the time
  4. PULL THE WATER TO THE NOSE - If you have to turn slightly or adjust your path a quick and easy way is to draw water in a straight line towards the nose of the board. Quick and easy way to get back on a straight path.
  5. LOOK OVER YOUR SHOULDER - When undertaking a longer, slower turn, looking over that shoulder that you are turning into really helps with your balance (and checking for other people you maybe turning into)
  6. WIDE FEET = MORE STABLE - When you get up to standing on the board, keep your feet wide and inline with the middle strap. Use the paddle in front of you as a leaning post and slowly draw yourself up.
  7. BOUYANCY AIDS - Always wear one, paddleboarding buoyancy aids are designed with the floatation sections to keep you afloat but not to tip you on your back like standard life jackets. 
  8. SAFETY FIRST - Keep your phone with you in case of emergencies. The plastic, waterproof cases are ideal and take a whistle if you are on your own to attract attention.
  9. PROTECT YOUR FEET - Wear neoprene socks to get you in and out of the water and provide a bit of extra grip or for something with a thicker sole (protection from sharp objects that you may step on) try a wetsuit boot or beach shoe. 
  10. SUP QUICK RELEASE BELTS - Thinking is moving towards a quick release belt rather than the traditional ankle straps.  Read our next article for a full insight and gear guide review.

And finally, the obvious – don’t forget your hat, waterproof sun cream, dry bag and microfibre towel

Even though these are probably pretty obvious to most Paddleboarders, hopefully one tip maybe useful!

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